Dana White: ‘I’m Getting Tired of The Term Money Fights’

If you’re tired of hearing about “money fights,” Dana White is with you. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President isn’t afraid to admit Conor McGregor is a special case. “Notorious” is the UFC’s top pay-per-view (PPV) draw. It goes beyond PPVs as well as McGregor brings in a substantial amount of money from the live […]

Albert Tumenov Likely to be Free Agent After ‘Unacceptable’ Terms From UFC

It appears Albert Tumenov is no longer on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) roster. Tumenov was last seen inside the Octagon back in Oct. 2016. He suffered a submission loss at the hands of Leon Edwards. “Einstein” has lost two in a row and his record under the UFC banner stands at 5-3. Before losing […]

Ronda Rousey Posts Photo from ‘Blindspot’ Set

Former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has been largely out of the limelight since her UFC 207 loss to current titleholder Amanda Nunes in December. In February it was revealed that Rousey had landed a role in the NBC series Blindspot. “Rowdy” posted a photo on her instagram account from the set of the popular television show with actor Audrey Esparza in a car dressed in prison orange.

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“Had fun filming with @audreyesparza for @nbcblindspot today. Check out season 2 of Blindspot (I hear episode 20 is particularly awesome),” read the photo’s caption.

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UFC 209: Woodley vs. Thompson 2 Main Card Face-Offs (Video)

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Watch Mark Hunt, Alistair Overeem, Tyron Woodley, Stephen Thompson, Rashad Evans, Daniel Kelly, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson face off for the UFC 209 staredowns on Thursday, March 2 in Las Vegas.

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Bellator 174: Coenen vs. Budd Weigh-in Replay; Two Bouts Scratched

(Video Courtesy of Bellator MMA)

The fighters competing on the Bellator 174: Coenen vs. Budd fight card on Friday weighed in Thursday in Thackerville, Okla.

The bout between Kendall Grove and late replacement Mike Rhodes and Joe Taimanglo vs. Steve Garcia were removed from the fight card after Rhodes and Taimanglo missed weight at the official early morning weigh-in.

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Bellator 174 Weigh-in Results:

  • Marloes Coenen (144.7) vs. Julia Budd (144.8)
  • Fernando Gonzalez (173.9) vs. Brandon Girtz (165.6)
  • Charles Hackmann (194.8) vs. Rafael Lovato Jr. (193)
  • Justin Wren (234.4) vs. Roman Pizzolatto (242.6)
  • Emmanuel Rivera (150.7) vs. Treston Thomison (147.3)
  • Cody Pfister (155.6) vs. Jonathan Gary (155.4)
  • Emily Ducote (124.1) vs. Katy Collins (125.8)
  • Alexis Dufresne (145.3) vs. Gabrielle Holloway (146)
  • Jason Witt (170.6) vs. Justin Patterson (174.5)

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Mark Hunt Explodes on Dirty Cheaters, Accuses Alistair Overeem (UFC 209 Video)

Mark Hunt goes off on the steroid cheaters in the sport and talks about how he feels like he was forced to face another fighter that he believes has cheated in Alistair Overeem at UFC 209.

TRENDING > Alistair Overeem Responds to Mark Hunt’s Cheating Allegations

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Alistair Overeem Responds to Mark Hunt’s Cheating Allegations (Video)

Mark Hunt hasn’t been quiet about whom he accuses of being a cheater, using performance-enhancing substances or methods in mixed martial arts, including his UFC 209 opponent Alistair Overeem. At the UFC 209 Ultimate Media Day, Overeem responded to MMAWeekly.com when confronted with Hunt’s comments indicating that Overeem, who has been sanctioned for suspected PEDs use, is still cheating.

TRENDING > Mark Hunt Explodes on Dirty Cheaters, Accuses Alistair Overeem

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Why is Michael Bisping Dodging Top Middleweight Contenders?

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping will serve as the welcoming party for former welterweight kingpin Georges St-Pierre‘s return to the Octagon. UFC president Dana White revealed the match-up earlier this week, while falling short of name an event or date for the bout. 

The announcement, of course, put the middleweight division’s top contenders in a tizzy. The calls of Bisping ducking them rang out across the internet, especially since it has been more than three years since St-Pierre set foot in the Octagon and has only ever done so as a welterweight.

So why is Bisping ducking the top fighters?

The answer is, he’s not. Bisping has denied that he is avoiding anyone, but he is at peace with the idea that there is a wave of criticism for his decision to fight St-Pierre instead of facing one of the current crop of top middleweight contenders.

“Georges is coming back out of retirement after three and a half years, and he’s stepping up to 185 (pounds) to face myself. Of course, there’s many contenders in the middleweight division. They will get their comeuppance, don’t you worry about them. Jacare, Yoel, whatever your name is, don’t worry, I’ll get to you after I’ve taken care of GSP,” Bisping said on Wednesday’s edition of UFC Tonight.

“I know there’s people out there that are gonna criticize me, saying that I should fight the No. 1 contender, guys like Yoel Romero, and they’re absolutely right. But I’ll put this question to you right now, if you’re Yoel Romero or Luke Rockhold or Jacare (Souza), or any of these guys, if you were offered a fight with GSP, I know for a fact that you are gonna take that fight. So, why shouldn’t I do the same?” he continued.

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“I deserve this payday. I deserve this fight. I want this fight for my legacy. I’ve beat Dan Henderson. I’ve beat Anderson Silva. Georges St-Pierre is another legend that I want to add to my resume.”

It’s not a fight that Bisping was begging for, but one that he believes would be ridiculous to pass up. As he explained, it is a fight that would go a long way toward solidifying his legacy should he win. With St-Pierre’s record of being one of the most significant draws in the promotion’s history, it also means a significant payday is in the offing.

Georges St-Pierre and Michael Bisping“This fight was actually offered me around last October, and the fight didn’t come to fruition. I believe that Georges couldn’t agree to terms with the UFC. So I kind of put that fight out of my mind and I started thinking about the next contenders in the UFC,” Bisping recounted.

“I got a call about a week ago from Dana White saying, ‘Listen, the fight’s back on the table. Georges wants to fight you. It’s a big fight.’ Of course, I said yes. Georges is a legendary fighter. He’s had one of the best careers, if not the best career in the history of the sport. He was a dominant welterweight champion for a long, long time. He’s one of the biggest pay-per-view draws that the company has ever seen. So, of course, taking this fight was an absolute no-brainer.”

Bisping knows it won’t be an easy fight, but at 37 years of age, he only has so many years left to leave his mark on the sport. He’s bound and determined to do so.

“I’ve got nothing but respect for Georges. For me, beating Georges, beating Anderson Silva, beating Dan Henderson, beating Luke Rockhold, beating all these great guys, for me, it really puts an exclamation mark on my career. When I’m done, when I’m retired, I’ll be a happy man.”

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Rashad Evans: ‘I Feel Like I Got Ran Out of the Weight Class’ (video)

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After struggling for years to compete in a division that he no longer saw himself fighting long term, Rashad Evans felt like he got run out of the light heavyweight division. Finally making the decision to drop down a class, Evans makes his middleweight debut at UFC 209, bringing with him an entirely new outlook on the sport and his career.

TRENDING > UFC 209: Woodley vs. Thompson 2 Main Card Face-Offs (Video)

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UFC 209: What Matters Most About the Main Card Matchups

UFC 209 is upon us and features a big rematch between Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen Thompson for the UFC welterweight championship. The show is also stacked from top to bottom, with a lot at stake for most of the fighters on the card.

The card features athletes at the beginning and end of their careers and the outcome of their contests could decide their UFC fates. This could be one of those shows that ends early; it’s likely we are going to see a lot of knockouts.

Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen Thompson

This fight is about the championship, but for Woodley it’s about something equally important: respect.

Woodley has complained recently that he’s being overlooked by the company and has been under-promoted. Woodley needs to win here to prove that he is at the level of the sport’s elite fighters. He is also going into the fight at a psychological disadvantage. He hit Thompson with everything he had and Thompson survived and nearly won their first fight. Woodley must find a way to win convincingly to defy the critics and land a big money fight.

Thompson has a lot to gain here. He pulled out a draw after nearly getting finished in the first fight. He’s an exciting stand-up fighter with a ton of marketing potential. Thompson has an opportunity to knock a distracted Woodley out; it’s possible (go watch Woodley’s fight with Nate Marquardt). He needs to find a way to get the win here to avoid falling into Rory MacDonald territory, a guy with great potential who arguably came up short inside the Octagon. Expect an explosive, short fight.

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson

Khabib NurmagomedovWith Conor McGregor on the shelf, we get an interim lightweight championship match. This fight is huge because the winner could fight McGregor later in the year in a title unification match.

Nurmagomedov has long deserved a title shot and he gets it here, in a fight that he is totally capable of winning. There’s a feeling that McGregor has been ducking Nurmagomedov, but a victory for the Russian would make it impossible for McGregor to avoid him.

Ferguson is on a roll here and has a chance to capture the gold. A win sets him up for a big money fight with McGregor. Both guys here can afford to lose and still come back and be a contender. They are young and talented and both are probably future champions. The key to this fight for Nurmagomedov will be to take the fight to the ground.

Alistair Overeem vs. Mark Hunt

Alistair Overeem vs Mark HuntOvereem is walking into the lion’s den here. Overeem enjoyed a good run before he was knocked out by Stipe Miocic in his long-awaited heavyweight title match. He really cannot afford another knockout loss. With a suspect chin, all signs point to Overeem having trouble against the hard-hitting Hunt. Overeem will need to fight a technically perfect fight for all three rounds, win a decision and earn a title shot.

Hunt is returning to the Octagon after his infamous match with Brock Lesnar, a fight he lost on a decision, but then earned a no-contest after Lesnar was popped by USADA for performance enhancement drugs. Hunt is hungry and mad, a bad recipe for Overeem. One punch could end this fight. If Hunt wins he could push himself to the front of the line for a title shot. But even if he loses, he’ll be back because he’s always an exciting fighter to watch.

Rashad Evans vs. Daniel Kelly

Evans is on the downside of his career and faces a stiff challenge from a young rising star. At his age, Evans will have a hard time competing against the top guys in the middleweight division, so he’s really fighting for legacy here. Evans has knockout power so it is possible that he could pull out another victory here, but it’s not likely. If Evans loses, it could accelerate his retirement process.

Kelly needs a big victory here over a legend to get on people’s radar, and he can’t afford a lackluster three-round decision. Kelly needs to knock out or dominate Evans to get noticed by the top middleweights. 

Lando Vannata vs. David Teymur

This will be a kickboxing spectacle and Vannata could emerge as a darkhorse title contender with a spectacular knockout or strong performance over three rounds. Teymur’s left-handed stance could throw Vannata off, so he’ll need to keep this fight standing up. If he follows through with such a game plan, win or lose, he will come out of the fight as a star. Teymur, meanwhile, has won two fights in a row and has a big future in the company whether he wins or loses Saturday night.

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